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Any given Sunday

Last Sunday was one of the days that will flash before my eyes when I finally shuffle off this mortal coil.

A day so full of perfect, everyday moments that will break your heart when looking back and realizing how fast it all went.


Moments I wish I could bottle and pour myself into years from now:

– The way my youngest’s blue eyes sparkled as her sister placed a tiara on her downy head. She was confused but thrilled to be part of something special, laughing at her dad, also in a tiara, sporting a play tunnel as a sash. Just the sort of scene I’d imagined when I found out we were having another girl.

– The way my first-born crowed with joy as she dug through the groceries her dad brought home. The way his eyes shone with pride when she found the blueberries he picked up at her request.

– The way the rain sounded as it started to pour just after the four of us entered the garage. Determined to still ride her bike, my eldest pedaled briefly into the rain, delighted her legs nearly reached the pedals she’s been waiting so long to grow into.

– The way my husband’s arm felt around my back as he held our 7-month-old and we watched our 3-year-old blow bubbles into the rain.

– The way my baby girl’s lips curled into a smile when I put a toy block on my head for the first time. If only it would always be this easy to make her smile.

– How grown up yet innocent my eldest looked with her curls, still damp after a nap, pulled back in a tiny ballerina bun. Her eyes gleaming with a conspiratorial glee as we sat on the floor tucking into a rare pre-dinner snack.

It was a Sunday where no special plans were made. No big adventures were had. But I hope countless memories were made.

Today is exactly what I want my kids to remember of their childhood: Easy moments where we found delight just in each other’s company and a few simple pleasures.

It could have been any given Sunday, but it was momentous to me.

About Caley Clinton

Caley Clinton works in PR and is mother to two girls under the age of 4. She can be reached at caleyclinton@gmail.com.

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  1. These are the moments. The seemingly ordinary is often the extraordinary if we look closely enough.

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