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5 Valentine’s Day crafts your kids will love

The sweetest time of year is quickly approaching. Whether your kids wants to make homemade Valentines or plan to surprise someone with a special heart-themed gift, you and your children will love these five arts and crafts projects. There’s something here for every age and skill set, and many require items you’re likely to have laying around your house. Nothing says love quite like a homemade Valentine’s Day gift!

1. Heart Stamps

heartstampsRust and Sunshine’s Heart Stamps are perfect for toddlers. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, some red paint, and a few blank cards.

Flatten the cardboard tube, so it has a crease on two sides, then push one crease inward to form a heart. To help the heart hold its shape, wrap a piece of tape around the tube. Pour a little red paint on a plate, and dip an end in it. Hand your homemade stamp to your little ones, and let them make their very own cards. Feel free to use some pink paint, too!

2. Baking Cup Flower Valentines

muffin-paper-flowersWith the help of masking tape, a hole punch, wire, scissors and suckers, you can turn plain paper baking cups into bright-colored, flower-shaped Valentines. For step-by-step instructions, visit Skip to my Lou.

3. Crayon Valentine’s Hearts

6a00d8341cadf753ef0111685c8091970c-450wiRather than having your children pass out store-bought Valentine’s cards, have them give their friends Crayon Valentine’s Hearts instead. To make your hearts, grab some old crayons and chop or break them. When you’re done, put them in a bowl and have your kids stir them. Place the crayons in a heart-shaped mold pan, and bake them at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes. Make sure you give them plenty of time to cool before removing. Visit Chef Messy for more detailed instructions.

4. Pixie Stick Hearts

pixie-stick-heartsTo prepare Real Simple’s project, you’ll need construction paper, scissors, metallic ink pens, pixie sticks and craft glue.

Cut out an assortment of hearts from the paper, fold the hearts in half, and make a small circle in the middle (this is where the pixie stick slides through). Have your kids design their hearts with drawings and phrases, and then slide the pixie sticks through the hearts. On a separate piece of paper, draw and cut out arrow heads and backs. Use glue to attach the tops and end of the bows to your pixie sticks. Set aside to dry.

5. Magnets and Coasters

IMG_2383-675x449Your kids will love making heart-shaped magnets to display on your fridge.

To make Parents’ project, paint small wooden hearts, let dry, and glue a magnet on the back. If your kids would like to make lacy coasters instead, simply cut craft foam shapes into hearts and glue doilies in between them. This is a great gift to have your littles ones make for their grandparents!

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