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Gobble up your kids and try these Thanksgiving crafts

November has arrived, meaning Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. The holidays are a perfect time to sit down with your little ones and spend some time making fun and festive decorations. These five seasonal crafts may be just what you need to get in the turkey day spirit.

  1. Thanksgiving Placecards
(Photo by Alan Richardson)

(Photo by Alan Richardson)

Your kids will love preparing these Turkey-themed placecards. You can even let them determine where your Thanksgiving guests should sit. Woman’s Day provides great step-by-step instructions, making this an easy and enjoyable project.


  • Two 7 millimete movable eyes
  • Low-temp glue gun or tacky glue
  • Almond (in shell)
  • Small apple
  • 1 Life Savers candy
  • Peanut (in shell)
  • Paper napkin
  • Small paper clip
  • Colored paper

Instructions: Glue movable eyes to almond and let dry. Glue Life Savers to front of apple and let dry. Glue almond to Life Savers and let dry. Glue peanut below almond for turkey’s wattle. Unfold napkin halfway, then fold back and forth accordion-style. Put a paper clip in the center of the folded napkin. Pull ends of folded napkin together to make a fan; secure with a paper clip at top. Sit napkin behind turkey. Unbend one end of a paper clip and insert into apple. Use it to hold placecard. Cut placecard from colored paper.

  1. Handprint Turkey Family


Eighteen25’s project is a fun, family-oriented way to prepare for Thanksgiving. We recommend making this project annually, so you can watch your little turkeys grow over the years.


  • White cardstock
  • Roll of gift wrap
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • 1 (1 3/4 x 36-inch) frame

Instructions: Trace hand prints onto white cardstock. Color your turkey, cut it out, making sure to include his/her feet. Cut out enough paper to fill your frame, and use your glue sticks to attach your turkeys. Cut a strip of cardstock and write down everyone’s names and attach underneath.

  1. Thankful Wreath of Leaves

Enchanted Learning’s project is a great way to have your children vocalize what they’re thankful for. It also makes for an amazing decoration to display on Thanksgiving. The best part? There’s a pretty good chance you already have most of these supplies.


  • A plain, white paper plate
  • Construction paper (orange, red, yellow, brown)
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue or a glue stick

Instructions: Cut a half circle out of the center of a plain paper plate. This will hold the leaves. Cut out a lot of leaves from construction paper. Draw the leaf veins if you’d like to add in more detail. Glue the leaves all around the rim of the paper plate. In the lower center of the wreath, write, “I am thankful for,” and then let the child write or draw what they are thankful for. Put the child’s name on the wreath.

  1. Thanksgiving Thank You Apron

thanksgiving-apronIf your kids love to help you prepare and serve food on Thanksgiving, they’ll love donning these aprons while they assist you. Save Education.com’s project for a day when you have plenty of time and patience; it takes a while and can potentially cause a big mess. The final product makes it all worth it, though!


  • Plastic surface cover, drop cloth, or mess-proof work surface
  • Plain white canvas apron
  • Fabric paint in harvest colors (brown, red, orange, yellow, and deep green)
  • Smallest kid’s shoe you own (an infant shoe works best)
  • Black fabric marker or squeeze-on paint
  • One bucket of warm, soapy water
  • One bucket of plain warm water
  • Clean rags
  • Blow dryer

Instructions: Lay out the apron on your work surface so that the bib can be reached easily. Have your child and any other children who want to participate create a “handmade” turkey on the bib of the canvas apron: starting with the largest child, paint one of his hands (palm and fingers) with one color of paint, then have him press his hand firmly onto the center of the apron bib. Invite the next child to place a handprint on the bib in a different color. Have him place his palm over the first handprint with his fingers turned slightly to the side so that the fingers of the handprints do not overlap.

Have each child take a turn placing a handprint on the apron until the turkey’s feathers are complete. If only one child is participating in the activity, have him make all of the prints, making sure to rinse his hand between each one. Have all participating children clean their hands by washing them in the soapy water and then rinsing them in the plain warm water. Use your blow dryer to dry the paint.

To make the turkey’s head, place the small kid’s shoe on the body of the painted turkey so that the heel of the shoe sticks out over the turkey’s body like a head. Use a pencil or chalk to trace around it. Invite the kids to help you paint in the traced head with brown paint. Paint in a beak and waddle with red paint, and draw eyes and feet with the black fabric marker. Give your apron plenty of time to finish drying, at least 12-24 hours.

  1. Thankful Turkey Craft

Your kids will have a blast creating the Crafts For All Seasons thankful turkey. We suggest putting the final product to good use by making it your Thanksgiving table’s centerpiece.


  • Two paper bowls
  • One toilet paper tube
  • Card stock in various colors
  • Small red balloon
  • Orange poster paint, and paintbrush
  • Small plastic condiment cup
  • Toothpicks
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Instructions: Begin the thankful turkey craft by painting two bowls and the toilet paper roll the color you want your turkey to be. When they are dry, glue the rims of the two bowls together. You can use clothespins or paper clips to keep them together if 22.finishedneeded. Next, glue the toilet paper roll to the bowl. This will be the turkey’s head and neck. Glue it so that the bowl will stand up when the toilet paper roll is attached. Since some brands of paper bowls may weigh differently, so be sure to test this out to be sure the turkey will stand stable and will not tip over. Allow to dry.  To make the turkey’s face, you can cut black dots from construction paper or glue on eyes.

To make the beak, take a small square of yellow or orange card stock and fold it into quarters. Then, cut off a triangle, with one edge along the fold. Open up the card stock, and then cut the resulting diamond in half. This becomes the beak, and it can be glued on as shown. Take the red balloon and cut off the stem of it, where you would normally blow, into a “V” shape. Glue on the red balloon below the beak to become the wattle. For the hat, use a small plastic condiment cup. Paint it black. For the brim, draw a circle on black card stock, which is a little larger than the hat. Cut out the circle and glue it carefully to the hat.

Then, glue the hat to the turkey. For the feet, have your child trace his/her hand on brown card stock and cut it out. Then glue the hand to the bottom of the turkey. To make the feathers, stack a few sheet of colored card stock on top of one another, then fold them in half. Cut out a feather shape. You will end up with duplicate feather shapes for each color. Apply glue to one whole side of the feather, then add a toothpick near the bottom, with half of it hanging out. Then apply the other side of the feather, so the toothpick is sandwiched in. Allow to dry. Poke holes in the back paper bowl, near the rim, with a nail or thick pin. Make the holes about 1.5 inches apart. This is where the feathers can be poked through the turkey.

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