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Get your feet in summer shape

pedicureHi, again.

Hopefully you’ve been getting out and are enjoying the beautiful weather.

After a long, cold winter, it feels great to have the warm sunshine back. I’ve celebrated summer’s return by happily digging out my shorts, tank tops and sandals. About the sandals part, though. I recently glanced down at my feet and realized I desperately needed a pedicure. Between running and the cold winter, my poor feet are not in sandal shape.

I hate taking the time to paint my nails (and I know you don’t have the time for it), so I set out to find a pedicure that takes 10 minutes or less. If your feet are looking a little sad from the winter, take a few minutes and try one of these DIY pedicures.

Option 1: This DIY pedicure takes five minutes and requires a quick-drying nail polish, cotton balls and nail polish remover.

  1. Remove your old polish using cotton balls and polish remover.
  2. Using quick-dry nail polish (try Sally Hansen Insta-Dri), paint your toes. Be as careful as possible, and when you’re finished with a foot, come back to the edges after it’s dry and rub off any extra using a Q-Tip and nail polish remover.
  3. Sit back, and relax. It only took five minutes, so you’ve got a few minutes to sit back and admire your pretty nails.

Option 2: If you’ve got a solid 10 minutes to spare, try this Beauty 92-suggested manicure, which involves a little more preparation.

  • Minute 1: Soak your feet in warm water, and be sure to buff and scrub them.
  • Minutes 2 and 3: Exfoliate. Use your favorite gentle foot or body scrub to massage your feet, focusing on the heels and other dry, rough areas. Use a wash cloth or pumice stone if your feet need a little extra care.
  • Minute 4: Seal in the softness. Dry your feet and use a softening balm to seal in the surface moisture. Use something rich that also absorbs quickly, such as Clarisonic Pedi-Balm Sonic Foot Softening Treatment or Kiehl’s Whipped Crème de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter.
  • Minutes 5 and 6: Clip and shape your nails. Trim any nails that need trimming while they’re still soft from the water, and run a nail file across the edges to smooth uneven corners.
  • Minute 7: Time for a base coat. Skip buffing the nails and use a thicker base coat that will help hide any imperfections, such as Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat or Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat.
  • Minutes 8, 9 and 10: Time for the polish and top coat. Settle in somewhere with a flat surface and perch your toes up. When you’re polishing your toenails, work from the pinky toe in to avoid smudging your completed nails with your hand. Finish with a swipe of quick-dry top coat.

Just like that, you’re done.

One other thing to consider. You’re going to be moving through your nails pretty quickly, so it may be worth picking up a Flawless Fix Nail Corrector Pen.

When you’re done with your pedicure, and your nails are dry, fix any mistakes, including the grooves around your nails, with the easy-to-use precise tip.

Happy painting!

Until next time, Kirsten

About Kirsten Yovino

Kirsten Yovino is a Milwaukee-area resident and co-owner of brewcityparent.com.

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