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Welcome to Mom U.

mom-u-logoHello and welcome.

Mom. U is a blog that will be a go-to for stay-at-home moms. Consider this one-stop shopping for fashion articles, beauty regimens and fitness routines, along with tips and tricks to help you make time for yourself during the day.

Do you have 20 minutes while the kids are down for a nap? I can show you a variety of quick workouts that you can sneak in during that time without ever leaving the house. Or, how about those days when you just need a little “you” time? I’ve got you covered there too –there are tons of ways you can quickly treat yourself with a little DIY spa time.

But, enough about the blog for now. Let me tell you a little bit about me and and Brew City Parent. I live in downtown Milwaukee with my boyfriend, Joe (the other half of Brew City Parent), working as a freelance writer.

As someone who works from home, I know exactly what it’s like when you have a few minutes to get something done, but you don’t have enough time to leave the house. I’ve discovered many workouts that can be done in a short amount of time (bootcamps, ab workouts, Pilates, you name it), as well as some different yoga sessions for those times that I need to quickly de-stress. One of my writing niches also happens to be health and fitness, so I’ve developed quite a few tricks and tips throughout my research.

In short, Mom U. is designed for you by someone like you.

I nannied for years before settling in as a national freelance writer – I have always had a soft spot for children and the energy and excitement that come along with them. Joe and I started Brew City Parent because there is no better feeling then when we are with his 9-year-old daughter exploring all of the great things in and around Brew City.

We want to share those findings with you.

More importantly, I want this blog to be a temporary reprieve for the stay-at-home mom’s out there. You take care of everyone in your family; let me help you find a little time for you to take care of yourself too.

Until next time,


About Kirsten Yovino

Kirsten Yovino is a Milwaukee-area resident and co-owner of brewcityparent.com.

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